A movie person is an understatement of the century, which is me, I love watching movies, maybe as much as reading, maybe more. Yes I am the type who will read the book after watching the movie! Guilty as charged. I look forward to long flights just to be able to enjoy the movie without interruption; and when I like one it will play for an umpteen number of times, and every time I watch the same movie, it’s as if it is the first time, ok you are going to say that Alzheimer is kicking in!! Maybe, but this is the truth. Let us go to the subject of today’s blog.

I am not sure if you had noticed that these days most of the movies are showing the men as murderers, rapists, child molesters, losers and anything but people that we had looked up to in the past (the way I looked up to my dad for example, and I bet each one of you has an idol too, and most of our idols are men). On the other hand, movies portray women as champions who sacrifice their lives to save their families, who are always betrayed in love and marriage, who are the great writers, singers, employers, doctors, and everything that is good in between.

I am a woman of course, and I believe in myself, I know that I am working really hard to have a successful family, successful career and last but not least racing to know what my mission in life is. Sure we all say things against men, and we all have our problems with them, and if you look to the other side of the coin, they too will have the same feelings about us and are trying their best to achieve their goals. My point here is I am not sure what the movies these days are trying to say? Producers are not giving justice to our humanity, if I a grown up woman feel this way when I watch a man (in a movie that is) doing an act that is against humanity, but dismiss this feeling when the movie is over? How would kids think? Wouldn’t they always look at men with mistrust? Wouldn’t they want to think that being a woman is a better way in life? Not sure about the number of gays in this world, does it have any correlation to the number of screen hits portraying men as idiots? Maybe we need to conduct that research! maybe we should gather those writers who always make men as the villains and women as the heroines and examine them to find out what on earth is happening inside their brains that made them write in a manner that affected humanity.

The scary thing here is that if you make a list of what men can be and woman cannot, it is a huge list, and one that certainly would let “confused men” to become anything other than men. However with little change and perseverance we can change those writers minds and those screenplays and producers minds so they do not show men as the devils, but as a face to a coin that is necessary for humanity to survive.

We need this other side of the coin guys, have you ever seen a coin with one head?