I had a great discussion with a person who is hoping to be a Noble prize candidate after 6 years for her work with charities, and having just established her charity organisation, she is a very proud person.  When she explained to me what she does in her charity work for the various countries that are hit by poverty and crises I can see her face glowing with passion, one cannot but notice how loves what she does, and to her people are people, not male:female, and the other classifications that we keep on hearing about these days.

Charity work in my opinion is like fighting for ones own country to be the best, people around the globe are passionate about their countries and love to see them ranked for best cities to live in, highest economic GDP, best environmental practices, highest quality of life, the happiest country and so on from these ranks that someone in his or her wisdom come up with and of course earned money by doing it.

Also if someone notices that his or her country are in ruins, and tries to correct that either by demonstrating or being vocal in international organizations,  then this person is also a person that should be like the friend that is hoping to be a Noble prize winner, she is doing something for people in poverty hit countries, and this one is doing something for his or her own country to avoid or remove a compelling circumstance.

However, my discussion here has nothing to do with Charity work or with Fighting for ones country.  My discussion here is why do we hate each other? why do we put people in compartments, and think that we are better than them for some reason or the other.  The reasons can be religious, class, monetary, education level, being a male or a female, and so on.  At the end of the day we are all made from the same material, flesh and blood, and we all have the right to live and share, we all possess different qualities; ok, someone might be dumb, or stark stupid, but doesnt preclude this person from the right to be loved? or does it?

Why am I saying this? I don’t want to be obscure! let me admit it!  the other day I just happen to check the tweets of a friend, and what I saw was terrible, how people hate her for saying what she believes is true, the amount of hatred-ism in their replies to her tweets just shows that the country she is struggling to correct is not ready to be ranked internationally, as its people are hating each other, and its people are becoming very sectarian to the extent that killing is considered ok for them.  So should I start hating my friends just because they have a different religion? or a different sect of a religion? I have friends who belong to at least 10 religions, and more than 30 sects of these religions, I love them and care for them, and will not be happy if I know that they are having family troubles, or ill, poor, failed exams, or any of the mishaps that happen to normal human beings like you and I?

I am not saying that I am different, or I don’t feel strongly about my beliefs, in actual fact I do feel strongly for my beliefs, but this doesn’t mean that I have to be in the circle of those that share my beliefs? its like telling me that I have to eat chocolate for the rest of my life; yes I do love chocolates, but try to eat it day in and day out, one will soon be sick of it.  If you remember the story of Zorba the Greek when he dug a hole in the ground, filled it with cherries, went inside it and ate all those cherries, he suddenly felt sick and would not eat cherries for the rest of his life.  Cherries or chocolate are the same as your circle of friends, you cannot have them in the same shape, gender, or school of thought, otherwise innovation will never occur.

Call me an idiot, but you cannot call me a hater.