This journey has been a very interesting one, I was talking to a freind from Germany about schools, colleges, etcetera and we ended up talkin about her school; I didnt ask how much she is paid, as that is none of my buisness, but we were talking about the government funding, contributions from parent to the schools, fees paid by the students, and what not, she said that she would earn 10 times more if she was working in another type of school.  Why isn’t she working somewhere else?

Then, I thought about me, and my job, I would also be earning 20 times more if I was working somewhere else.Why wasn’t I working somewhere else?

This afternoon I had my answer! on the bus taking us to the airplane, an older man and woman were with us on the bus, they were sharing a pritzel, they were cutting pieces of it, and dipping it in a little plasitc cup that the man was holding, I couldnt stop myself from looking at the cup to see what was inside it.  Then I saw that it had some mustard, so both of them were cutting the pritzel into little pieces, dipping into the mustred and eatng it, they were very happy in doing that, looking at each other with great admiration. so I deduced that they are in love, despite being old. 

I think we all do what we do because of love.  We love our work, we love our community, we love our kids, we love our partners and no matter what happens and how humiliated we feel or underestimated, underappreciatated, underpaid, under-resourced, less food, little cup with mustard and a piece of pretzel will satisfy us and keep us happy.  I think if love is not there we will not exist on this earth, and believe me, I cannot think of anyone who will work for a long time in a place if there was no love in it, no matter how much the job pays the person. 

I must tell you the story of my brother, he worked in a very high rank job, paying him big bucks, but he was away from his wife and family for longer times than necessary, the kids were growing without him, he realised fter a while that is it really worth it? how much money does it take to make one happy? he was not sure, but to me, its not my source of happiness, otherwise you will not see me galevanting the world, checking new cities, having discussions on a 2 hour train rides with complete strangers while my daiughter is fast asleep discussing education systems with passion.  Money is not every thing, its our love to the world, its our respect to our selves, and its our love to the community that matters most. 

I wonder about those that do not agree with me, what will light their fire?