Over the years I have started to notice how some students behave when they go abroad. The 80-20 rule play a big part of this, and its silly to apply statistics to humans, unfortunately this is how it is. 

Lets start from the beginning, when we finish schools and start to apply to colleges and universities, many of the students would do this as a matter of fact, not because of intent; it is an expected thing in our society, everyone has to further their studies, hence the high number of colleges and universities around the world that has a huge number of people working around the education machine. We drill the fact in the heads of all the students.  Sometimes I synonym it to the uniform, take off the school uniform, put on the university one, then take that off and put on the work uniform, and so on ( I must also say that we wear the marriage uniform as its a standard in any society) life goes on. 

So 20% of the students will just be those normal ones who will go to college, perform well, gets stars in all of their subjects, become liked by their fellow students and teachers and may even get scholarships. 

However the 80% is a different cattle of fish! many will scrape through year by year, will get Bs and Cs, make wrong choices, befriend the wrong friends, may do drugs, my take the car of the dean and hide it, may do graffiti on the walls of the university, may even get kicked out off the university for plagiarism.

We know that so far, this is not my discovery, as much research had been done by many researchers around the globe in this regard, the question that pause itself here is what is the reason for misbehaving?

Is it because the students mistreat freedom? is it because the students were not raised well by their parents? is peer pressure a problem? is it age? is the school not preparing the student well to university life? is it the lack of any future expectations of the students? or is it the lack of appreciation to the parents money?  should the students take a gap year to explore the possibilities before embarking on university life? there could be many more reasons for misbehaving, all we need is to notice.

What makes me sad though is that there are hundreds of thousands of students who dream of going to college and if they did, they will be part of the 20%, but the lack of funds is what is stopping them, while their fellow 80%s are gallivanting around the campuses creating havoc and not realizing that whatever they do today is going to affect their lives for good.  

Be careful my young friends, as today’s employers, husbands and wives are very clever, and have ways to investigate your lives pre-engagement (marriage and work), don’t forget, you are pasting all of the pictures on the social media, so you are making your life as easy to read as an open book exam.

Please remember, your mum and dad had worked so hard to fund your education, just so you become a person that will fund his own future university graduates and completes the cycle. All I can say here is please stop the nonsense and make your existence on earth an important one.