How many grownups today think of the Education industry that was behind putting him or her on that desk, how many reflect on their up-bringing and thank those that spent hours and minutes preparing for their lessons and lectures and how many thank us for being there for them when they needed some educational help.  I wonder!

I did a search on Google (he is my best friend you know, I am not sure how he was only there since 8 years and all of us know him that well, we will not be able to live without him anymore and I think because of Google and Wikipedia life had become simpler!  I was hoping that one day someone will say lets EZONE it, not only lets Google it, or lets WIKI it! I am sure this will happen).  Sorry about the digression, I am known to do that, so please forgive me.  Anyway, I did a search on google to see how many organisations exist just for education.  Baffling results really.

Ok to start with, I split the policy making that can be government, or non-government or private; there are 192 ministries of education, and over 200 educational organisations that are part of governments (in the UAE for example we have ADEC, KHDA, ADVETI, NIVE, Educational zones etc, in Qatar we have SEC and QF, in Saudi we have a million and more NGOs and GOs that work on education).  Then we have all the women societies, the youth societies and many others that have the child and the youth as their main focus.  Thirdly we have the private organisations that also focus on teaching policies and practices.

We spend billions of dollars on education around the world with the highest spender being United States (if I look at my company only being a tiny player, we spend 2 million dirhams a year on education)

Then I did a search on the number of teaching organizations, this link says that we have 9000 universities in the world:, so basically we have thousands of universities around the world

Google went mad when I asked about the numbers of colleges around the world, thus saying hundreds of thousands of colleges is a fair and square number.  Also saying that we have millions of schools and high schools is not a tricky number.

Now lets look at the teachers, we have over 75 million teachers (that I got from the #GESF forum that I am attending now) and mentioning teachers we must mention the allied/support staff that work in the education industry, this figure is startling and could be in the hundreds of thousands.

Please do not forget the lands, buildings and other infrastructures that support the education field, this would be in the billions of dollars’ mark.

The most important of all are the parents, they are the ones that brought up that child and spent hours and days of their lives educating him or her until he or she took that chair.

If these people, schools, figures didn’t help in educating you Mr and Ms Employee would you ever be on that chair?

We care about our kids, I am hoping that they in turn care about their own kids to complete the circle so one day all of the world’s living people will be educated, we all have a part to play.