A week ago today I won a prize. It came as a surprise, and not because I don’t value myself or give myself a kiss and lots of love everyday, as I have been working for such a long time and seem to be doing something right because I am living out of my work as well as those that work with me, however I never got recognition from organizations that give awards to the men and women of this world and if I was asked to apply for a prize then that takes my time which I cannot afford. 

So, when the phone came announcing that I had been chosen for the “UAE women award” I was like stunned! But equally happy and when I did get the award I really felt great. It was like having a chocolate cake or ice cream on a really hot day. No matter what, the award did make my family, my team, my friends and me happy. 

So I decided that every year I will make few women happy by giving them an award. So if I start from now I will give Sawsan my sister the award on Crochet making, Amal will get the award of the most traveller in the family, Elham will get the award of self taught spa treatments, and Nehad will recieve an award for being the advisor of all women on the best way to dress. Fadila will get the award of best coffee and sweet maker. My mum will have the award of patience as she had us all and we turned out to be great people. 

I can continue here but I have a lot of friends that I don’t want to upset because I didn’t mention their names. They will all get awards for something or the other as I am only surrounded with the best people on earth. 

Hooray to women around the world. I agree with the saying if you teach a woman you are teaching a generation. 

If you are wondering, the last two pictures are taken at the award ceremony, they were paintings of the person that was asked to give us the awards. I loved all his paintings and wish him all success ( also I will give him an award for best portraits) but he was a guy so that job will have to be done by other men-organizations and not me.