Love, a word that is used, misused and abused by all, whether it is love to your soul mate, love to your children, country, parents, grandparents, money, and everything in between.  I don’t want to provide a definition as I am not trying to have a masters degree on Love, nor do I qualify to be the authority on the subject, I think if we really look in history, and take only one type of love, which is btween two human beings loving each other, there are only few examples that are worth mentioning; Romeo and Juliet (fiction), Qais and Layla (arabic poetry), Abla and Antar (again arabic Poetry).  Of course your are going to start to question me on why the male is before the female in these examples except the last one, just because I didn’t want you to say that I am sexiet, or not politically correct; you know what happens these days, a reporter gets hold of a piece of paper, flash it around and makes up funny stories about one, even though he or she may have said something or wrote something without attaching too much attention on the question of who should come first in the sentence, the man or the woman.

Anyway, to me, I feel as women love more than men, I feel that once in love we never get out of it, and we will not set still until we find the love of our lives. Sometimes there is a mirage of love, we mistake it to be real love, we love that mirage and then get hurt and end it or divorce or just be there without our souls. Correct me if you may.

I have noticed that we never stop loving, we will love even if the other side is not noticing, we will love even if the other side is not interested, we will love even if the other side hates us, we will love even if the other side became ill and forgot that he loved us prior to that.  We will love with no conditions, we will love even if it is not necessary to love. But, we expect to have reciprocation! Our life will not be the same, our agonies will awake us at night, at the mean time our life continues, we will nurture the kids, jobs, friends, and our social lives, we will give without boundaries and try to cover up our losses.  To us the women, love is not sex, love is that feeling when you wake up in the morning and the thought that you are loving someone makes you smile? Rather than give you a condition that I do not want to mention here (my blog is also read by teenagers). Love is the air that one breaths, the water that one drinks, the heart palpitations that one witnesses when we see our love.  Love is being happy that at least there is something going right in your life. Love is finding your love asleep next to you when you wake up in the morning, or when you have your hot flushes in the middle of the night. 

The Pursuit of love and good life is an eternal journey for women,  It is the subject that we all talk about when we socialise, it is not football or golf, it is not politics and money, it is love and harmony, and how to be best at it, is what most of us women talk about.  All those new age-type books that are sold around the world are bought by women, as they are the only ones who need help when their love stop loving them.  Love fills our vacuum, and makes us live in company even if we are alone. 

I think that men should wake up to the fact and remember that even Quraan says that when God created us God also created Love and mercy between us (وجعلنا بينهم موده ورحمه)