Dear Student, Thank you for raising your concern, and letting us know your frustration about being unemployed despite having a bachelor and a masters.  Your communication skills sounds great too and so is your ability to write.  These are two qualities that employers look for, however there are more ways to skin the cat.
First let us analysing your credentials.  You said you have a bachelor in Media and a masters in tourism? So what have you been applying for? Media companies? Or tourism companies? Or are you applying for media jobs in tourism companies?
Secondly, how is your CV written? And what qualities of yourself are you showing the employers?
Thirdly, have you done a swot analysis on the market that you want to work in? Did you decide on a salary? Did you approach the employers with a proposition? And did you think of all the questions that they may ask you. For example they may ask you “what can you tell me about yourself which is not in the CV”
Fourthly, did you do an internship? You must do that as it counts towards your employment.   Try to find yourself unpaid or paid internship and take it from there.  Also seek the help of a good career counsellor to re-write your CV.
At the end, please note that applying for jobs is not easy, and being accepted is even more difficult, so try and try. A research was carried out proves that if you do not get a job after applying to a 135 places it means that there is a problem.  So did you apply to a 135 places yet?