Yesterday I had a very long lunch outing. In actual fact I had a long day out.  First thing, I arranged some stuff in the garden, made sure that the roses and mandarins trees are in place, threw some of garden junk (that will make my kids day) and talked to my Chinese neighbour for a long time after giving her a portion of the fruit cake that I baked the previous night.  Mentioning the cake, this time I had amazed myself as its one of the best fruit cakes I had made for a while.  My neighbour loved the cake, and suggested that I go with her to China, and walk on the Great Wall. Of course, if it takes a portion of a cake to be invited to a Great Wall outing, then I will spend the rest of my life baking! How about that? She even suggested that I stay in her house!! That was a fantastic start for the day.
Then I met a friend for coffee and croissant who told me how miserable she is and how her husband is driving her insane. I told her off, I said that us the women are very creative. We can turn everything to our advantage,  if he drives you insane, just take your stuff and go to a library, at the same time book him a ticket to go to a resort. Maybe he needs it? She laughed when I said that you can also go with him to relax and enjoy your self. She couldn’t believe me when I mentioned that all my resort trips are just a way to reward myself for enduring my husband!! Of course this morning was the worst, his body is full of red spots, I told him that its allergy? It’s something you ate I said! I had to drag him to the doctors, who will be coming at 10!  No, he cannot weight till ten, then I took him to the pharmacist, who confirmed my theory! But he had to unprove the theory, that its just an allergy ! The pharmacist said that it must be some sort of additives in food and he needs an injection to clear it, he will not admit it, he must have eaten something and doesn’t want to tell us. Men are a special breed, but what to do, we love our husbands.
Ok, now that I got that out of the way, lets go to my third outing (see, I told you that I had a long day yesterday, I stretched it to the limit), I went to see a husband and wife friends at their daily place, the Montgomery golf club, amazing place, it’s like being in Manhattan and having a golf club in the same place, in actual fact it was like Manhattan and Central Park put together. The club was buzzing with people and kids learning how to play golf, my friends’ kid had a perfect swing, I am sure he will be the next (is it still Tiger Woods?) Tiger Woods! I had the most perfect iced tea.
Then I moved to my lunch invitation; my friend’s daughter had a baby three months ago, I was so ashamed of myself as I didn’t go to congratulate her! Also my kids are returning from Bahrain in the evening so I thought I will go to her as she is close to the airport and then get the girls. She insisted on lunch; when I went, there were like a 100 people there! Lovely I thought! The gathering got smaller by the evening and we had lovely discussions and laughters in the garden , sipping tea and talking about Reiki, energy, Feng Shui, gem stones, Zen colours and the value of looking after ones self.
Apparently we have seven selves, I am not going to explain why, but basically this is why some people think that they are schizophrenic, their selves make them think that they are different people, so they feel that they have two personalities or sometimes more than two!  As soon as we make the person know that we must listen to ourselves, talk to ourselves and tell ourselves that we are fine and we love ourselves the schizophrenic person will be cured. Magic wand is needed here!! No I am not skeptic!.
So, I woke up this morning, I heard myself telling myself that I am a lovely person, I love myself, I treasure myself, my heart is great, my blood pressure is normal, my head is not aching, my legs are light, I am not overweight and I have a perfect health.and its the first day after one month and three days that I didn’t see my granddaughter’s face first thing in the morning, I love her.
Isn’t that a great start to the day! This reminds me of the song, I tell to myself, it’s a wonderful day!! Love it
Suad Alhalwachi (Ms)
Director, Education Zone