Since August I had this excruciating tooth ache that kept me from working and sleeping, I would wake up every three hours, and no matter how many pain killers I would take, its still there! it wouldn’t go away. My dentist prescribed antibiotics, and I took three lots, in my second appointment she tried to drill but couldn’t as the pain was of high altitude (not sure if we can say this word to describe tooth pain) so I thought I was fine with the third lot of antibiotic, but my dentist went on her annual leave, so the last few days were again in agony. 

After long two hours of four anesthetic injections, drilling, poking, cutting, slicing and trying every dental equipment that is on the face of earth, the tooth was broken into pieces, and then pulled out via that thing that looks like a pliers to take out the fragmented tooth.  Of course with all of this I was in screams like a little child and the other dentist was telling my dentist to be strong and pull even though it was hurting, also they took few X ray pictures to determine the location of the roots on that unwise wisdom tooth. 

I came back home and decided to go to bed, but the whole night I had blood seeping through and dirtying the pillow, I couldn’t recite my prayers, so I had to pray silent.  The blood was all over my face when I woke up in the morning. 

The magic thing is, I don’t have pain any more? that stupid pain is gone completely, of course there is a wound and some blood, but not the pain that made half my face numb! it is no longer there, and for that I thank my dentist.  She is one of my students that had gone to study at Otago university and when she graduated I made a bet with her that she will be similar to the other dentists that I know.  Now I know for a fact that she is a different breed, she is my breed.

Believe me guys, it makes such a difference when you know the dentist, take my advise and befriend one. the least he or she can do is not to pull the tooth out while you are shouting from pain.