Have you ever said to yourself “if I go back in time I would do this or I would say that, or i would not do this or that?”

Well this is the comment of all the centuries that had gone and all the ones that are coming soon, we all have our doubts and we all feel that “IF” is a word that we must use in our lives; we often do this on impulse or behave in a way that make us look stupid, and would want to go back in time to change this action. But can we go back in time? and if we really can go back in time, what would we do? are we going to be wiser? or braver? or would we just repeat the same mistake over and over again.


Well, I have to say that I am a person that loves watching movies or reading books that speak about this particular subject, I loved The butterfly effect, Back to the future and About time; I have always felt that its a possible thing, but its not possible, well not just yet, as there can be a way in the future but not currently.  Also can we go back in time and change a stupid thing that we did in our lives?

This last book I am reading explores the idea of going back in time, its set in a cafe in Tokyo, which was built in the year 1897, the cafe is tiny, seems cool despite any temperature outside, it has space for nine people only.  There is a permanent person sitting there, and she is apparently a ghost.  The trick is that she is sitting on the only chair that can transport you in time, so whoever wants to go back in time must wait for her to leave that chair and jumps in. There are conditions of course (like anything else in life), so you can go back in time but you cannot change the present, you must drink your coffee before it gets cold (or you will be turned into a ghost) and decide who would you want to meet in the past.  The trick in the book is that we cannot change the present, but we can change the future, by just saying the right words in our past meeting.

So if you ever felt that you would want to go back in time to make a change, remember you cannot do that (as I said, not yet anyway, as we are not a story like star wars, and we are not the Jedi).

To avoid thinking of this classic phrase “if only I can go back in time” please just think of every word or action you would say or do before doing it.  Wait, think and evaluate and then go ahead.

I must warn you though, I have tried to do this many times in my life, but still failed to do the right thing all the time or say the right words.

How about you? have you ever thought of this? have you ever thought that you want to go back in time to change something? why did you have this feeling?


P.S. I would not leave my country if I went back in time.