This was certainly the fastest book I have read, I think I have finished it in less than a week, if I had the time I would have finished it sooner but of course you know me I have to do my work, be social with all my social media and not to mention my family, my move to a new place and all the entails.


Fascinating is a small word to describe the book, I have learnt a lot about the Sufi section of islam and learnt how people misunderstand religion, and to top it all, I realised that we must love God instead of fearing him, this was a revelation and the thing I always wanted to understand about religions all along.


However, I didn’t appreciate the way the story was mixed with another story, I know that it is the way the writer always does her books, its like writing an essay per chapter and somehow links the the fabric of her character seamlessly in your imaginations.  The writer always brings fascinating characters in her books and one would always want to turn the pages so quickly to see what is coming next, and to realise that its best just to read the book like any other book to understand it instead of jumping the gun for wanting to know faster what is going to happen.


I thought that the book could have been written as two books, one about Ella as the book didn’t give her justice, and one about the Darvish and Rumi, of course one can write many books about the dervish Shams and Rumi, and can make a bigger book which we will enjoy even more but the haste that the book was written with made me feel that some bits are missing and made me want to go into more research about the whole sect of sufism. I wish I can talk to the author just to get a feel of why she had done her book in this way and if we are going to know more about the three main characters in the book soon.  I also want to know if she appreciates Sufism or she just wrote the book because it was something that nagged on her and made her write it.


Overall though, its a must read.