I had an interesting talk with a proffessor in a college. We were discussing the various things we do and how are they done over there in the west. She mentioned that we have a culture that induces dependence and they have a culture that culminates independence. For example their kids are encouraged to find jobs or volunteer from a young age, while we protect our kids from the outside world until at least the age of 18! Their kids enrol at universities and colleges on their own! We help our kids in doing so! Their kids leave home at a young age while our kids are with us forever and so on of differences that make us strikingly different from each other. That is why I think you see them around us working and having fun and you don’t see us working in western countries unless we are studying or recruiting westerners to come here for jobs.
I believe that every society has to have a different face and different outlook like how we eat, what we eat, what we wear and how we live but some things ought to be the same. The way we bring up our kids has to be the same. We must teach our kids to be independent and we must have them venture in the world without restrictions and without help from us the adults.


when will this happen?