I was so sad today after talking to a student who is in love with football, but his dad isn’t.  He only wants to spend his life playing football and apparently he is great at it.  His dad, on the other hand, wants him to study (according to the father he must stop goofing around and focus on the future).  So I did a search on the highest paid salaries for a footballer (32 million Dollars a year) and the highest pay for a doctor (400000+ dollars a year) which means that the student is not actually goofing around and even though he may not earn 32 million dollars a year, but he may come close to that if he practices hard.

I totally ignored the father and started to talk to the student, I said that he needs to practice, maybe he needs more than 10000 hours of practice to reach the level of league players.  However if he wants to have a profession too then he can join a university that has a very strong football team and join them.  He will be able to play his favorite game and also satisfies his father’s request.  what the student didn’t know is that many universities give scholarships for football players, but they must be good players.


I feel that the parents should encourage their children instead of telling them off. The discouragement will put the child down and he may end up losing every interest in life.  We must enlighten parents instead of enlightening children. All professions are great, and we need students to choose correctly, because if they like that profession, they will excel at it and we end up getting the best in each field.


I was going to say here that a footballer needs the doctor and other medical allied people in case he had a head injury, broken ankle or a hand fracture, and the doctor needs the footballer for entertainment.


We all like challenges, but the hardest of a challenge is for a footballer to win a game, and there is no “goofing around” there.


Have a goofy day.