When you take a meditation course you will know that you have started to think differently
You have embarked on a new knowledge
New definition
New way of thinking
A trip to the unknown
A trip to self knowledge
A trip through time that is not limited to past, present or future
Instead of zigzaging in life, you found the way to yourself
Rather than stumbling upon things, you make your own path
Your soul deserve everything that you can give to it, peace of mind, loving heart and great mind
When you reach a level of loving yourself, then you have gathered the necessary ingredients to making the best desert
You will shine like a new moon over those around you and knowledge will radiate and infect them
Your desires will not be a new piece of clothing, a new pair os shoes or a a nice bag
Your desires will be a walk on the beach, a trip to the mountain, a visit to a new country, a hand to help someone in need, a smile that will radiate to a sorrow-full person.
Time is of the essence, imagine that you are travelling through it to find what you are missing.
Don’t miss a minute s that could be the minute of your finest discovery.
Take your own self seriously, and live peacefully.