(john lennon’s piano)

God said in the Quran that he will give you what “you” want, all you need to do is ask! these verses were mentioned over 124 times in the book.  Thus according to this, we can aim to get what we want, we can put goals for our lives, work at them constantly and diligently, and hope for the best.  However we cannot say that we will get x or y or z without having a full knowledge and commitment of this x, y and z?

Lets say, for argument’s sake, that I want to be a doctor, now if my grades are not that high, if I don’t have the money to go to a medical school, if I don’t have the science subjects required to enter medical school, if I am scared of blood and there might be umpteen reasons that can prevent me from being a doctor, will I ever be a doctor? according to me, if I want to be something I must work at it for a long time, establish all the requirements, and then say that I will be this or that or the other.  If you want to make money in your life, do what it takes to earn it slowly but surely. If you want to be a writer, read lots and lots of books and start to write on a daily basis to enable you to develop your skills.


Everything in life requires practice;  I am sure you heard about the 10,000 hours practice makes perfect?  ok, so the way it goes is this, if you want to be the best at singing, practice day and night, reach the 10,000 hours and you will be a singer, nothing can stop you.  Don’t sing one song and think that you are a singer. Of course, don’t take me wrong, some people made it from the first try, but I can tell you one thing, those that made it must have practiced, without telling us, for a very long time.


The 10,000 hours rule was a research completed by Malcom Gladwell the author of “The Outliers”, in this book the author researched piano players, singers, artists and all sorts of people that managed to be on top.  The research done on the Beatles stands out as they had played for a long time in Germany playing other singers’ songs until they made it by throwing their own songs that they had practices in a garage.  So even though they aimed high, and they are the best band of all times (for me) they still had to practice and prove themselves.


My point here is, aim high, touch the sky, but practice makes perfect, and your goals will be reached.  You cannot sit at home hoping that the sky would dangle the money or whatever it is you want just simply by dreaming. Dreams are good in fairytales only.