To me traveling is split into two distinct categories,  the first is the flight experience and the second is the trip itself. So I chose Emirates airlines because it fits into my flight experience; however off late, and this is done discreetly and gradually, the services started to be stripped especially on long haul flights. First the tooth pick is gone, then that lovely looking Olive, those sought after savoury crackers and the drink prior to the main meal and so on. However the worst is those little pouches with the socks, eye cover and the earplugs. Not that I needed the earplugs, but the eye cover and the socks were crucial to my sleeping plan as I unwind and settle into my seat and later on my sleep. In actual fact I noticed that I stopped sleeping on long haul flights, maybe because of the reduced services?

I would not mention the reduced air miles as those Advisors have also snuck their fingers and struck a line over the number of miles we will earn per trip as well as increased the number of miles one would need to pay for a flight!! For example I used to buy a ticket to Bahrain for 12000 miles, now it’s 21000 and maybe I would earn that in a year. Even earning a silver or gold status has been tampered with so one has to wait for ever to convert ones trips into that little card that means a cup if coffee in that lounge. 

Once in college I read that an airlines saved millions just because they cut off the olives in the salad! I was wondering about that, and being an accountant I have to calculate how 250 olives per flight can save an airline millions! So has Emirates been subjected to one of those cost cutting exercises just to deprive the passengers that are loyal to it from the services that marks it apart! 

Soon we may have to buy our pillow, our blanket and maybe we may even have to pay for our meals and bags. I think if this is the plan in those Advisors minds, I would hope that the price of the tickets would be dropped accordingly! if I am riding a budget flight, then I would want to pay for it exactly as if I am traveling on Ryan air or Jet airways 

I am a loyal customer to Emirates, slowly they are losing me. 

( I put this on Facebook and almost all my friends have confirmed to me my doubts as they had felt it too)