Sometimes I wonder how I would be if I didn’t study abroad? Would I be shy, incompetent, less experienced? Would I lack of knowledge in what the rest of the world has to offer?.  I will not know about the culture, the art, the tremendous enhancement in human lives and much more.  I learnt all of this by being an international student and that too in many countries.


I am a NOMAD when it comes to international study, my destiny had taken me to Iraq, to England, to Switzerland, to Italy, to Switzerland, to New Zealand and to some other countries that I don’t even remember. Even my university visits are actually to learn something new. Every trip that I had taken since the past 60 years had shown me a totally new way of life, and a new way of thinking.  I am not limited to what is happening in my own country as I own the world due to being an international student.


International studies are not limited to enrolling in a university, college, school or an institute, it can be by staying with a family for a month to learn about the habits and culture of that country, it can be going around the forests and mountains in a country to learn about the habitat and the language of the trees.  It can simply be (I know this would be a favorite to the girls) walking around and shopping, whether for food, cloths, knickknacks, memorabilia and souvenirs from those countries.  Trips abroad are so important to the human being as it shapes up, it makes us whole, it gives us strengths and confidence.  Trips abroad must be the main component to having a great life.


Imagine that life is a bowl of soup, what would you throw in that soup? The ingredients are the same as the ones you would use to build your personality when you travel abroad.  Water, vegetables, salt, pepper, some beans and pulses and last but not least a good slow cooker to enhance the taste.  The slow cooker in our life is time, which can be stretched to the maximum when one is travelling.


Cherish the experience, write about it, and keep it intact in your diary, as one day you would want to go back and read about all the crazy and serious things that you have done.  Read about the other international students, and learn the ways on what to look for in the university that you are in, in the neighborhood and in the country, don’t forget to take trips during your many holidays; mainly don’t forget that you are only studying for half the year and you have many days where you can just choose a city and travel to it using the best transport system that the world can offer.  Don’t forget to work too, as there is nothing that equates working side by side to another international student or a local person where long term friendships will be lodged and fantastic memories will flash into your brain whenever you are down.


This is my advise to you, keep a blog and show it to us, we will have it here on our site.