I was attending a graduation ceremony for my nephew.  Of course I remembered mine, my kids’, my other nieces and nephews and my friends’.  In one of the ceremonies the mother (my friend that is) started to make arabic chants and I went to the stage and throw candies and sweets on the graduates.  I still remember the MC, he was saying that its the only graduation ceremony that he was bombarded with candies, that his mind will be thinking about it instead of focusing on the speech, and that he doesn’t know whether he is allowed to go pick it up and eat it or not..


Of course this ceremony that we attended was the noisiest, apparently two of the school graduates must have been a hit, as their names was being repeated so many times and in a very high pitch by their friends, to the extent that all the attendees were turning their heads in total astonishment.  However,  to say the least, the crown prince’s daughter was also graduating and that is when I saw a very nice scene.  The crown prince was walking with his mother to the seating area, and my brother walking with my mother to our seating area. let me tell you this, I haven’t seen a nicer scene.  Of course my mum always encouraged us to study, and always is proud to see one of us graduating.  To her (the one who never went to school) studying is not a choice.


And that is the core of what I am trying to say here.  Being Educated is a must, its not a choice! no child should be allowed to stay home. I feel now that going to university is a must and not a choice.  Getting a masters degree is a must and not a choice.  Having a professional qualification is a must and not a choice.  Life doesn’t work without education,   proper eduction.  Education that caters for all abilities, education that can make us have the best in our life.  Having a good life is a must and not a choice. Being properly treated is a must and not a choice.  Continuous learning is a must and not a choice, learning new skills and changing your career is a choice that humanity must grant to anyone willing to do so. I suggest to have “education police” that doesn’t belong to a country in particulur, but has the authority to go to any country and ensure that every child is studying, and that no one is discriminating against people ,being men or women, when it comes to studying.  Studying is not a choice, its a must.

I want to make sure that every one in this life is able to study.  I think studying is even in a higher rank than eating, because if you do not study, you may not be able to eat.


Happy studying everyone.