Last night I heard the speech of the Queen Elizabeth for Christmas, I cannot say that I hear what she says all the time, but I was driving, and my main radio station is the BBC was on, it was as if she was talking to me  and saying that she doesn’t know how people are going to listen to her, is it via youtube, facebook, twitter or snapchat (I added this); so she was intimating the various methods that people use to listen to things or do things these days (unlike before when it was limited to radio, TV and newspapers).  This got me thinking, its actually true as not only the millennial had transformed the world, they even transformed us, we as baby boomers (whoever left of us in this world) have copycat the generation Z and the millennials and learnt the new tricks. However, there are things that we still don’t like.


let me start, when my first grand daughter came to this world, I told my son that he can ask me if he needs to know anything about upbringing children, he said why? I have google!! I told him that since we were capable of bringing you and your sisters up beautifully, the same can be done with your daughter! he was adamant that google was capable of giving him the information he needs even when the little baby needed to burp!  then my middle daughter got married, she too didn’t need my help in anything and everything needed for her wedding was done through the internet, her kids’ clothing, also through the internet! When my third daughter got married, she wanted to furnish her kitchen, so she googled “what people buy for their first house” and got a list, I realized that we as parents should have new interests as our children do not need us anymore, we are alive and kicking, so we must think of new things to keep us busy.  Maybe we can write on the internet the things that we know so one day our kids or grandkids will google a question and find our answer, that may make them proud actually that they have found us on the internet.


Happy googling newly married couples, new mums and dads.