May be an image of 2 people, wedding and text

This is so weird to say but I will get it off my chest and say it. I’ve just watched a 1991 movie called The father of the bride! And this is only 20 years ago! Believe when I say that I was so relaxed watching it, there is a love story, there is a priest, there is a mother and a father, there were in-laws, and a proper wedding. I didn’t have to fear hearing the recent gender issues and single gender marriages, or fearing telling parents off because the said a girl or a boy instead of the current “it” or “they”. I wouldn’t mind my grandchildren watching it as it was a completely “normal” movie. What happened to the world? Where is this politics coming from? Is it true that we need to cut down the world population to 2 billion so we create pandemics and gender and marriages that are not conducive to reproduction? Who is responsible for all of these new political agendas?
I wish that someone will come out and say “ I am sorry I ruined the world as we all knew it.
Of course my sincere apologies to my friends who might think that I don’t like them. I do of course.
Here is to the father of the pride.