It’s the weekend tomorrow,

It’s the weekend tomorrow and again it’s the weekend tomorrow.

Do you remember the movie that a person wakes up everyday to a sunday? its called Groundhog day, worth watching


This is how we are spending our days these days. We follow the news, send our condolences and our good wishes to the friends and family who had died or got infected with the virus, we have no plans, we have no outlook in life except to stay safe. SO ITS GROUNDHOG DAY ALL OVER AGAIN.


What happened to us?


Here are my thoughts on the topic: many have indeed lost their livelihood (sometimes jobs, sometimes their businesses and sometimes their lives) but isn’t this inevitable all the times, and not only during pandemics? remember when the economic crisis happened in 2008, how many people lost their jobs, businesses and also died from either a heart attach or suicide? I don’t want to bring the statistics here but you can look it up for sure on any browsing website; well, Google itself had lost a lot of share value once due to over expectations even though their financial results were good. Bitcoin prices dropped too, ok it did increase now (to the detriment of the environment of course due to huge datamining processes and over use of many computers at once to generate the bitcoins). Who made money? Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Why? he is smart, he started his online business before anyone else did.


Thus, instead of being upset, unhappy, depressed, (you can describe yourself with all the pity words here) set and think, what is it that people want and need that you can provide them with? ok so Talabat delivers food, but it needs logistics, so you can gather people that drive motor bikes and rent it out to them and the other Apps that deliver food. groceries? that is also needed; home cleaning services, home schooling (for the teachers that lost their jobs), cloth making? candle making, growing plants (since we have a garden and lots of time on our hands). This list can go on, video making, photography, making movies that will make people happy and so on.


The way I look at the world: it is a place filling quickly with rumours that toxicate our minds, we need to be positive, and find solutions not listen to rumours.  If I were you, just do edit and delete to all your whatsapp messages and quit looking at social media unless you want a happy place like Tictok which is filled with cooking, songs, people making fun of themselves and very few negative thoughts. If you like to follow others, follow people that would fill you up with positive vibes.

Also I have noticed that children started to read more, so make up stories and tell it to them, my aunt (RIP) used to make up stories similar to One Thousand and One Nights, we used to gather around her just to listen to her.  This is your moment, grab it and run with it.


Ok, if you notice that the title of my blog talks about how time is going in a flash, its true, we start the week and suddenly it’s over. Personally I dont know how I am spending my time!!  well, between reading, writing, answering emails, tending to office work (even though I am semi retired now but only look after some accounting work) cleaning the house (6 days a week only, as I get a cleaner once a week), cooking, nourishing my plants and multiplying them, making few phone calls to friends and relatives, making sure my mother and my grandkids are fine. I do supermarket work once a week only and do not waste my time in things that are not conducive to improving my outlook in life.  Of course I am wary at times as a lot of my friends are dying and I miss them, but I cannot help that part of my life, so I let it sleep. I also do my indoor run every day just to close all the circles on my apple  watch.  And once the day is over I watch one movie just to relax.  however, you need to know that by the time its over I am already half asleep. And the drill continues.


We need to be different, we need to be positive, we need to have faith that all will be good soon, and the light at the end of tunnel is getting closer.

A word of advice, please try to fill your ever diminishing week with great things, don’t just waste it on whatsapp messages and forwards of videos or on social media (SM), its ok to spend an hour everyday on SM, but not 24 hours, unless you hope to be a blogger and earn your livelihood from SM. If you are like me, then an hour is enough, unless you do want to see  your days becoming shorter and shorter until you will get no days at all.  Someone else will get your phone.

However,  a final thought: It’s ok to have a short week, better than having a short life.