At times its difficult for us the adults to determine which career we must pursue, its like being stuck in water between two mountains, it seems to be too hard to deal with and too precious to forget about. For some the agony is even stronger especially if we have chosen a major that is not suitable for what we potentially can do and love to do.  Of course, its normal these days for people to change their course in life and venture into many fields until they tumble on the one that is more suitable for them, however, it should not happen in this way. We must let children find out their passion early in life.  Nevertheless, that is not a very easy task to do for parents and teachers alike, especially at at a teenager stage when the hormones and the community doesn’t support this idea.

This experienced writer Daniel Wong, has listed down most of the symptoms of teenage problems.  Some of the most pestering problems start with us the adults and how we raise the teenagers, we undermine their intelligence and do not always help them to crystalize their passion. So, as the writer says it’s not always the teenagers problem, its ours too, she lists down the following anecdotes:
  • Do I frequently nag my teen?
  • Do I always talk about school-related topics?
  • Do I talk as if my teen’s hobbies are a waste of time, or that they’re merely a distraction from her schoolwork?
  • Do I compare my teen with her friends, cousins or siblings?
  • Do I overemphasise the importance of performing well in school?
  • Do I frequently force or coerce my teen into doing schoolwork?
  • Do I sign my teen up for classes or programmes without first seeking her consent?

Thus, if we really want our children to think of their passion and hence their future careers, we must let them and help them by letting them participate in as much activities as possible so they can practice that field that they adore. On the other hand, we will be helping the society as we are generating adults that love what they do so they produce more.


Finding the suitable career is not a haphazard deal, it is the fruit of thinking during 20 first years in one’s life.  We the educators, parents, friends of the parents are all responsible. For one there are a multitude of tests that we can perform on the child to lead the way, an example is psychometric test.  However, these tests provide indicative answers that require complementing with actual trial and error in various available careers and activities


We all know what happens when we do a job that we hate, depression and hostility steps in, and for sure one doesn’t need these to infest the society.


Good luck with your teen.