thenestMany people work during the week and relax during the weekend, either shopping, gardening or just visiting friends. As for me, life is different, I have my day job, my night job, my weekend job.  The last one, of course, had started only 7 months ago and precisely when I moved to Bahrain.  There is so much happening here, plus the distances are so close, one can do all the errands, as well as go to the various activities that are happening around without feeling tired.


So this weekend, I first went to visit The Nest (on Thursday night), which is a whole area dedicated to art and culture, you can eat, drink from various stalls, you can buy knickknacks, you can listen to Music, and most importantly you can see art and artists.  The event is done by a gallery called Alriwaq that sponsors artists to do some nice art around the area which would stay there for a year.  The vibes were so high and I throughly enjoyed it.  I just couldn’t believe the number of people that came to celebrate in that area and enjoy whats on offer.

The next day, I first had a picnic with my grandson, Lunch at my brother and in the evening I went to an art show by the American women association of Bahrain, they had 15 artists who are inspired by the life in bahrain (some are Bahraini and some are expats living in Bahrain).  The art and photography was brilliant, people here are pros, it seems living in an island does arose the creativity of the people.

Saturday was packed with activities, first we had a Breakfast Majlis at a friend who started a social cafe in her house, the discussion was amazing, we spoke about horoscope, fung shui, how to repair homes, love, food, starting businesses and the list goes on.  of course being women one would expect some gossip, but I swear we didn’t gossip about anyone as simply we had no time.  The next event was a charity fair organized by the women society in Bahrain, I got so many plants and some custom jewelry for next to nothing, the atmosphere was great too.


We went for lunch at my mother’s place, the whole family gather on Saturday, I made Dolma (stuffed vegetables dish that is so delicious) and mum made many other things that are really lovely.  In the evening I went to an Islamic Operatte which made me sob and sob and sob. I had to go out and buy me a bag of popcorn just to feel better, and then I went to an acrobatic show organized by the Chinese embassy.


What I think we need to do here is to have an APP with all the things that is happening in the area so people can choose amongst them, whoever heard or saw my Snapchat asked me how I heard about all of these events, I told them because I am clever, social and people send me invites (just kidding)  an App is a must.


I wish my UAE friends and family are with me so they enjoy their time too