I still remember the cooking and sewing classes that we used to do at school once a week, it made me feel so proud of myself that I knew how to bake a cake and sew a skirt.  Skills like these don’t come easily, as it takes time, practice and taste.  Hence very few of us can cook and sew well.  My niece and my friend’s kids love cooking too, they all have a cooking blog where they show how they make their cupcakes and fancy deserts.  I watch their blog (vlog really) with great admiration.

I don’t know if you also noticed that most of the movie stars have started restaurants!  big names like Robert De Niro, Arnold schwarzenegger, Richard Gere and many others are now dominating the food business on top of being the best in the SCREEN business

Once I did a survey and asked young professionals few questions, one of them was: what would you do when you retire? 90% mentioned that they want to start restaurants; mind you, none of them had cooking experience nor knowledge.  We spend a long time in our life enjoying food, we all love to go out for food, many actually start food businesses, but very few actually train for it.


This is why I am writing this as I am wondering why people do not pay money and go to a cooking college from their childhood! instead of studying something that they don’t like to work in a place that doesn’t fit their aims, live in misery for the rest of their lives, waiting to retire to do what they enjoy?  Imagine if a child enjoys cooking, then he or she studies cookery, comes back and works as a chef or start a fancy restaurant.  Imagine the life this child will lead? will he need Prozac?


Just as pretext, I would like to mention an incident that happened to me in 1998.  We were moving countries and I wanted to let my house, guess who rented it? the chef of Burj Al Arab, who was paid a huge salary, housing, school tuition and much more! are you going to tell me that studying cookery is useless?

Happy cooking