Since I found out about museums (maybe I was 13-14 years old) I loved every minute of that roaming about, watching what the Previous generations had achieved, and how they used to think, how they lived, what they dressed, how they educated themselves, what they wrote, what they discovered, their art, their sculptures.  I had visited museums and art galleries in all the countries that I had been to (almost 60 countries and cities), in those moments one learns more about the people in that country than just roaming the streets and eating their food (that is important too of course).


Even the museum itself (I mean the buildings themselves) is ingeniously done in most cases, the cathedrals, the mosques, and all other worship places are museums by themselves.  The designs and how it changed across centuries is also fascinating, and worth our visits and our time.  I am sure you know that there are majors to study at various universities called Museum curating, or museum studies, I have seen very few go and study these majors from our part of the world, hence the lack of those lively museums.


According to the UNESCO there are around 95,000 museums around the world due to the increase in tourism, many have now made virtual visits and allowed people to browse artifacts with no charge.

Museums include art, and in one of the museums I have seen art belonging to the stone era, and not just Micheal Anglo’s and Da Vinci, but also art made by women when they were not allowed to do anything but sit at home.  Some women had submitted art in a pseudo names, just as they had completed books in pseudo names.  To me art and culture can come from anyone living on this inspiring planet, so why would anyone stop a certain gender or age from participating.


Let me tell you about the museum that I visited prior to the pandemic.  This is a small one in Amsterdam and was solely made for Vincent van Gogh.  It contained some art of the famous artist but the most interesting thing is it being interactive, the children and adults can drew, rotate the art, rummage around and do whatever they liked in it. one can learn a lot of things in this museum and it is so fascinating that you wouldn’t be bored if you stayed for the whole day.  It was an experience just to be there. and learning from doing is what makes it so imaginative.


I also visited the louvre in Abu Dhabi, and that was also curated that you can be in the art and within the art. the memorabilia was great in both museums.



If a student comes to me for advise, i would say that protecting the countries art, artifacts is of utmost importance, so studies relating to museums, art and art galleries are a must.