Focus is a very strong word, I used to remind myself of this word every time I do something, read something, study something and even I would repeat it to the children. Focus means that we do something with all our powers, nothing in our minds and bodies will think of anything else except the thing at hand, that way the object we are doing will be done very well.  There is a saying by our prophet, that “God loves a person that attempts to do something and he does it well”.  This is in effect the prime meaning of focus.


Ok why am I lecturing you on this word, I am sure that you all know what it means? well, here is the reason; last night I watched a movie which I had seen before, or I thought I had seen it before, when was that though?  I don’t know, maybe when the movie had just came out.  I love art and believe in heaven and hell. I also loved all the movies of Robin Williams (RIP). However when I watchd it for the second time, believe me its as if I haven’t seen it before.  The movie is simply about a person who dies in a car crash, and few years before his death, his children also die in a car crash. He was on good terms with the daughter but not with the son, they both couldn’t see eye to eye.  Then you find the story.  The wife is an artist and the daughter is also an artist.  So when Robin dies he, of course, goes to heaven, and his heaven was a painting that his wife had drawn from all the favorite things that they both loved, the purple trees, the lake, the greenery, the spacious land and many of th little details that they both had shared together.


The wife commits suicide, obviously she goes to hell, he becomes furious that she went to hell, he tried to explain to the guardians that she had committed suicide not because of desperation, but because she couldn’t bear to live without him and the children, and he attempts to save her from Hell, as she doesn’t deserve to be there.  What you see afterwards is a magnificent transformation in the hero, and how he manages to do that.


If I had focus before, I would have seen the beauty of this movie and its depth.  The art is one of the aspects (I loved it when the sky became the same as the sky you see on Van Gogh paintings) and Heaven and Hell is another aspect which I truly believe in and feel that without focus we can go to one instead of the other.


I am now developed in years, so I told my daughter about my revalation, and how I had never focused, I told her that my lack of focus is because I wanted to do everything perfectly, I had to have perfect kids, I had to pass the exams with A marks, I had to have best results at my work, I had to have best food on the table, I had to have great parties for my friends, i had to live in a fantastic house, with fantastic furniture. every thing I did had to be perfect. So focus is lost in between doing all of these things.  I told her to gain a momentum, and have focus in everything you do, even if you have to neglect the hundred and one thing that you are doing.  Maybe you don’t need to have the house in perfect shape, or the kids in perfect manners, or full marks in your studies. But whatever you do, do it in complete conviction, and remember it always. Focus is synonym to a good memory, when you focus you will remember to the end.


So from now on, I will focus to remember, not just to please others.