You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you would do is to listen to the news on TV before leaving your home, or you would read the newspaper while having your breakfast; then you would switch your radio on as soon as your car engine is turned on, of course to listen to your radio show, or you link your phone to the car to listen to your favourite songs; you reach home in the evening and watch your daily soap opera, comedy show and then a movie on tv, otherwise you go out for dinner with friends, and a movie.  This could be your daily routine until you get married and have kids so you would add to this routine any theme parks, game machines, play stations and the spectrum of entertainment out there. In the weekend one would read a novel and hope for a good producer to do a good movie out of it, or many movies without regretting reading the book first (as most of the times the movie doesn’t do the book any justice)



The only thing I cannot put my fingers on is cookery, is it part of the entertainment industry or part of the diet industry. Well from the number of restaurants in town I would for sure classify cookery as entertainment.  We entertain at home by cooking to friends and family, and if a woman wants to impress her man, she cooks for him extravagantly and when the in laws are coming, guess what? we need more cooking tricks, so diffidently cookery is entertainment.


Why I am saying this? well, I have been in the education industry for a long time, and have sent so many students to learn medicine, engineering, graphic design, computer science, law, business, aviation, accounting, finance and many other fields, but have sent only a few to study the fields of entertainment, when our lives are centred around this field; one would wonder why is that? is it because parents do not take these fields seriously? or is it because our education system doesn’t lend itself to these fields? or doesn’t teach them properly?


I have tried once or twice to place a student in a film school and another one in a music school, however both were not accepted as they did not own a good portfolio and didn’t manage to pass the interview. Which I would suspect is due to the lack of proper training in the schools.  How many of our schools teach art,  movie making, music writing, dancing, writing or cookery? these are considered extracurricular activities instead of main stream.  We focus on subjects that we do not remember in our adult lives and forget the ones that we will either use on a daily basis or need to  have them in our lives as our souls can only be nourished by their existence.


It is high time to work our eduction system around the things that a human being needs instead of the subjects that we will take only to pass an exam. If I had a school it will only be entered around these fields and all the other subjects will be an add on.