What I would say is that humans are the most selfish

We want the best products and services in the best prices and we want to have the best health, best education, to live in the best houses that has the best electricity, water and heating at the best prices. We want the best garbage system and the best sewer system. we want to live in a safe country that deals with us in a great way and carries us like eggs on a try. last but not least “We want the best and full bank account”.

Basically we all want the best in everything. That is the behavioral economist in us. So when adam smith mentioned that we are all chasing our self interest he actually meant that behaviorally we chase our own benefits and that is in a nut shell the behavioral economics.

So there are few factors that all human beings want in life

Live well

Eat well

Good health

Good education

Good environment

Personal protection

Great jobs

Ability to travel

Ability to buy whatever we fancy

Ability to think independently

Desire to own things (and ability to do so)

To live in a place that doesn’t hinder your thinking ability

A country that cares about us

People that are nice an friendly


and the list goes on

Well. If the behavioral economy can guarantee these things I bet you that the world will be the best place to live in.

There is no reason for fighting between the scientists as they can all put their brains together and help us attain what we as human beings want