We all hope that our children and grandchildren will be famous and intelligent and intellectually gifted, and all those words cannot describe our hopes for our children and our future generations. We feel that we have done well raising them and it’s ok to let go as they will do much better than us in the most important role for us: protection of humanity. Then the dark side starts opening holes into our reality and suddenly your dream of a better world is shattered. Not only do we live in fear of every person that encounters us but also, we fear that we have been somehow hypnotized to create irreparable damage! That every minute of our days we conspire to hurt humanity.


Well, it’s obvious that humanity had been immoral ever since we can remember, didn’t Cane kill Abel? Didn’t we leave heaven because of an apple on a tree? And what with all the wars and hatred that is injected into us, so we might hit our siblings and probably those that are with us in school.


The terror continues in our lives, we don’t know where it comes from but it’s there. It’s like there are agendas that want to send us to ruin instead of to places that inspire and induce great changes. We wake up one morning to a news of virus that can kill, a war between brothers, a mutation of the sexes so men think they are women and vice versa! Was that injected in the woman’s uterus, so the child comes out with confused thoughts? Well no! Yesterday I realized that it’s commercialism.


My grandson loves football. He collects cards of footballers, their t-shirts, balls, plays games and of course his mum takes him to learn football; he even collects footballs from all brands at home all the time, hitting the walls and the furniture. All is great here. And then of course he has an iPhone, and he downloads only games about football. We were all happy that he had found his calling and like my other granddaughter who loves reading we think that we did well.


Suddenly yesterday while he was playing his football game on his iPhone, I took a peep at his phone to see the game (thinking that I need to see this new fascination!) and lord behold, my grandson is subjected to this new conspiracy. A porn reel comes on top of the screen in the ad section so he must watch it instead of playing. Then I ask my son (who is a computer expert) to see if I am mistaken and the same happens.


To make matters worse one cannot complain to AppStore unless one downloads the game. Thus, I downloaded the game on my phone and sent a message to AppStore and then sent a message to the developer of the game and sent another message on Facebook and almost nearly put this atrocious incident on all the social media. But nothing happened! It’s a matter of fact. A sex advertiser has the right to advertise material on applications targeted to 4 years old.

This episode reminds me of Facebook and Instagram as they do real policing of the content that one adds to one’s account.  Many times, they delete what I post as (as they say) the content belongs to someone else, why can’t Appstore use the same policing, at least to games targeted to children.

What do we do? Boycott everything and go live in the desert like nomads? Or stop using technology? Or stop kids from enjoying the ingenuity of human beings who discover the “GOOD” because of those human beings who bring down the “EVIL”? should we stop children from having their rights which is playing (virtual or real) and of course we must scrutinize every movie and every cartoon before they see it.  Should we become the police that check our ID and our license for each and everything that kids want to do these days? I am not even going to talk about the other matters here, like the colours and the same sex agenda.


I feel the destruction of humanity has gone too far.


When are we going to wake up from our inflected hypnotism.