Quality in Education is not just a pretty classroom decorated with lovely pictures, it’s the type that arouses the interest in the students and let them think, the type that will inspire children to make changes to the world.  Quality education is driving the sense of research in children’s path so they find the best way to enjoy our land, our culture and ourselves. Quality education is the reason this industry is growing. And we need to have a handle on it.

Thus, If I had the chance to change the education system, I would do the following:

  1. The teachers will be facilitators
  2. Learning is experiential and not looking at the rear of the teacher while she or he are writing on the board
  3. Students will deliver the class and the teachers will be advising if there is a mistake
  4. Learning will be through themes (such as: today we are studying about flowers and bees)
  5. There are no subjects for Arabic or English, or math and science everything is done via projects and that will include group learning and project publishing
  6. There will be daily debates and conferences run by the students
  7. There will be a “show and tell” sessions daily
  8. Students will be encouraged to publish their work
  9. Stories are a must, every day a story is either read or written by the students, end of the year all stories are published
  10. Reading must be encouraged and directed
  11. Art is an integral part of the curriculum (all types of art, including ceramic, pottery, sculpture etc.)
  12. Skills and trades are part of the curriculum, and it must be taught from the age of 9 (carpentry, metal work, electrical work etc.)
  13. Mathematics is taught by application to show why we need it
  14. Classrooms are open and even parents can attend them
  15. Café style classrooms, open schools with no boundary walls
  16. Community service is part of the curriculum, and no one passes school without producing results from community service work
  17. Environmental learning starts from year one of the school, so it’s ingrained in the minds of the children
  18. Traveling and knowing about other cultures is part of the curriculum
  19. Camping every term. To learn about the creatures and plants that live in the location (learning by experiencing our landscape)
  20. Visiting the archeological sites to learn about our history
  21. Strong emphasis on sports
  22. Inspiring the artistic inclinations for the students
  23. The schools will have open spaces and will be green buildings
  24. The teachers will be tested and evaluated annually to know if they love what they do
  25. There is no set curriculum as we are learning new things every day. (Through themes such as plants, rocks, animals, etc.)

I want to enter a school and be inspired by the students! Inspiration is stimulation and what I will see will ignite the spark in me to make me want to do more in the education/learning field and If I am the minister of education, I will call myself the minister of learning and development of the mind. Education is time dependent, but learning is lifelong. These are my ideas on how to improve the education system in general.