In our age consumption of regular gas and Oil (part of the renewable energy) is proving to be damaging to the environment; just see how the glaciers are melting, the water level is dropping, the sea life is decreasing. We do not see the stars and everything looks so foggy. I thank god for Covid19 as we can now at least see the stars, because of reduced use of cars and number of airplanes roaming our skies.  We are under tremendous pressure to think of how we can save our world and ourselves.  Hundreds die from suffocating from gas emissions and other horrors of this necessary evil.


Natural Gas and Oil are a must, but just as it is important and is abundant in our world so is other means of energy. Solar has been used, however its production is not that easy nor is it cheap; well maybe one day we will be able to produce the solar sheets as well as its batteries in cheaper ways.

let’s look at wind, that is a better option, but we cannot produce enough electricity to cover our needs.

Sea and river water? that could also be an option, and can be used in a very safe way.

How about steam? can this be another option,

Now let’s look at outer space,  we have sand from Mars and the moon, all the debris in the space as well as using the remnants of meteors, and all the other items that are floating in our space.

How about garbage? well you know that we produce millions of tons of waste every year, this includes household waste as well as industrial waste; there are companies that sort through garbage and converts or recycle some of the waste like paper and plastic, unfortunately most of the waste ends up in our seas and that is the most damaging to our environment.  some companies would also remove any computer or phone based material in the garbage and recycle it to produce other products, and so on.  Many countries are now producing energy from waste and its proving to be a great way to generate power out of it.

Well, because most of these sources are not fully available/or expensive/or can also have problems associated with its use, then we just need to think of other means as we do need energy to work every thing around us.

Universities, scholars and Students should start thinking of clean energy and renewable energy seriously, we cannot be tardy  and just depend on few sources.  Not only that, we need them to think of methods to improve the use of traditional energy products as well as the most recent discoveries and any new discoveries;  maybe, we also need them to research more on how to reach a level of cleanliness in the environment.  Research in this field has to increase and has to be supported by the governments, international organisations and the universities themselves.


Let us be aware of our environment and leave it pleasantly for our future generations.