imagesWhen I first heard about the Secret, reading it, watching the DVD that came with it, distributing copies of the book to my friends and family,  I was so thrilled as at last someone had given us something to hang on to in this life; then I went deep into it and found out that there is more than meets the eye.  So my search was not a dead end, I even started writing about the positivity in life and how that can lead you to various elements of what people want (be it happiness, wealth, health, love and so on), then I found the book that everyone was talking about, called think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill (, and many other books that all lead to one single thought, the LAW OF ATTRACTION!!!

Is this what we the human beings want? to attract every thing in the universe to ourselves? should we not think of attracting great stuff to our fellow human beings too? I know the leaders of this law think that there is abundance of everything in the universe so even if the whole inhabitants of earth used the law to attract the major elements, it will still be enough, what is out there is basically doesn’t have a limit.

This fact was proven by many physics researchers, that our earth resources are fully renewable and can continue to replenish itself; so wish as much as you want, it will never be short.  Anyone can have as much gold and diamonds, as there are so much of them, and so.


However, the course that I attended in Bahrain was taking the view that the law of attraction is nothing more than physics, so if you are the magnet, and you wish to see only happy people, guess what, thats what you will attract, if you want health, that too is coming straight at you, and of course if you want money, money is what you will get.  If you wish for world peace, then I wish you luck, maybe that will happen if we all collectively wished for it (its not just for beauty pageants, believe me).  The course also mentions that there is nothing unIslamic about the whole concept of the law of attraction, God created us and created with us that wealth, its up for grab, but some are fearful and think that they will not ask as they don’t want to fail. Trust me you will only get when you ask. think of the babies, what do they do when they are hungry? CRY. and as the English saying goes, who gets the oil? The squeaky wheel.


If we think of the universe as our place, and we all work hard to make it beautiful, create avenues to everyone to know that its a happy place and can fit everybody, then we will all live a great life full of thinking people.


Ask me now, do i know the secret to happiness? no, but I have an article to write about happiness that involve a survey of over 200 people. watch this space. and until that time, be happy.