Imagine that you had a thought about a certain dish? And you are not a cook, what would you do? Find a cook and transfer that thought to her or him and voila, you have that dish!

Imagine you wanted a dress that looks a certain way, and you are neither a tailor nor a designer, what would you do? Find a designer or a tailor and transfer that thought to her or him and tickity toc!! you have that dress!

Imagine you want someone to switch your lights and put the kettle on, imagine that you need a seat design in a certain way, or a pair of shoes that can accommodate that ugly bunion! In fact imagine all the material and non material things around you, they are not made by a certain person from A to Z

I guess you get the gist of what I am trying to explain to you. And that is how a chain can happen; small events that happen and we link them together.

When you have an idea, no matter how small, tedious, hard, or no one had imagined it before, all you need to do is either write it down for future use or do it straight away.

You are going to ask me how? Who, where, what etc. Who will do it, how will I do it etcetera! And that is the power of education. Because we all differ in so many imaginable and non imaginable ways, we (together) can accomplish any thoughts that is going to change our lives.

One can think of Education as a process, even though the process is tedious, long and takes a lot of our time, but it delivers to us wonders at the end of the day.

So when Satoshi Nakamoto wanted a coin that is outside the norm of our thinking? He did it! He may have had the programming language, but if someone didn’t write the blockchain program, he would have just developed it further. He imagined when people used to go to mines to get the diamonds and gold, he thought of computers and worked at mining that coin (the term bitcoin comes from the two words: coin is what we know, and bit is short for a binary digit which is the smallest unit of data in a computer system, and then a nibble (half a byte) and then a byte (8 bits) and please dont ask me how I know that, as it is buried in the bottom of my brain since the 80’s)

From these one can go with many combinations and permutations, or the so called “data mining” (basically finding a pattern in the bits and bytes) hence a Bit and a coin became a bitcoin and now we have a whole new world.

When you go to educate yourself, just make sure you do something that you are passionate about, and the rest of your life will use that knowledge to do things that are outside the realm of your current knowledge, and happens because education gives you not only the subject that you focus on studying (the bit) but the nibbles and bytes and maybe you will discover something that will save humanity from disasters or provide humanity with a certain knowledge that is most needed, or create happiness in anyway possible.

(The article is a collaboration between a young and knowledgeable person who told me about bitcoin when it was first discovered, and myself, along with a lot of searching on google just to deliver my thoughts).

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