Huddersfield university visit

Do you know something, every time I visit a university I feel so inspired as not only the buildings and the programmes intrigue me but also the sense of pride the people that work in it feel. I have yet to go to a university or a college and not have that feeling of belonging and responsibility!  But what I stumbled upon in Huddersfield is mind blown by the candidness of the team,the belief in teaching instead of just research and the programmes available. I also liked the way they split the various subjects by school and how English literature, for example, is at the same place as music, creative writing and journalism. Somehow it’s a great tomato and cheese sandwich!  Not only that. The school of art pride themselves of designing dresses for the duke of York’s daughters. And of course one must not forget that Patrick Stewart ( star treck) was the chancellor of the university (it cannot be more creative than that. presently though the Duke of York is the chancellor of the university. 

I liked their tag line “Inspiring tomorrow’s professionals”, since they have a huge programme on early childhood, they can also have this tag line “yesterday’s kids inspired”

Of course the university is not short of winning awards and being listed in Times higher and QS as well as being 17 out of 120 institutions for great teaching (TEF) so there could be an influx of students coming here due to this. Indiana John is a teacher and an anthropologist but he hates to teach, so will anyone learn from him? this is the argument of the university in regards to why winning on TEF matters to the students. 

THES or Times higher education supplement listed the University’s Architecture and Pharmacy as top programmes (8 and 5 respectively) in U.K.

You know the phrase the test is in the pudding? Well Most of the staff are ex students of the university, so they don’t only preach? also they are helping with the world unemployment figures, as I saw staff from the countries that send many international students are also staff of the university,so they have people working in Nigeria, China, India, Hong Kong and so on. 

Basically the university had grown in the past ten years tremendously with many new buildings coming up as we walk around the campus. New programmes are created and tested as well as a strong tie with the world, this is evident from the number of nationalities on campus. 

Students centered? I bet, they have over 68 students societies and when the student did the Fasion show for us, we can feel their vibes and independence that only comes from the way the university treats them and empowers them; the evidence is that the university was Ranked 5th this year for students experience in the world according to the student barometer.

The university was Voted to have best qualified teaching staff in the U.K. As 90% of the staff hold teaching qualifications, this had helped in Increasing the number of students passing with upper class tremendously 

The university provides tons of Merit scholarships to students in UK and around the world. The decisions to study is the most expensive one. So were creative in convincing the students to study there. 

The university also partners with accommodation providers around the university and half hour away. Prices are reasonable if compared to other cities in UK.  (go to to see the accommodation and also DIGS on uni website)

this write up was my understanding of the university during the one week visit.  and by the way, they gave awards to best partners and so on, so I made a wish that Next year we have to receive an award from Huddersfield.