Warren Buffet, is one of the biggest investors in our time with a net-worth of over a 100 billion dollars.  I feel that everyone in this world should read about him and follow his advices.  Below are twenty of his most favourite advices:

1- Don’t diversify

2- Invest and don’t speculate

3- The market is there to serve you and not to instruct you

4- Buy companies at the cheap and strip them and sell the assets

5- Be a business owner

6- Allocate capital efficiently (take the profit of one business and invest it in another)

7- Read dale Canragie book how to win friends and influence people

8- Don’t get into debt

9- Think independently

10- Be determined to succeed and Invest in educating yourself

11- Try to find your passion

12- Be the person you want to be (pick up the right habits)

13- Delight your customers

14- Read, read and read

15- Anything can happen in this world

16- Cash is a bad investment

17- Wait for the right pitch

18- Invest in reproductive assets

19- Evaluate the company first

20- Accept your mistakes

the important factors here are learning and how to invest, I ,for one, had learnt a lot from his advice and continue to learn.