Do you know when you start a book (a novel or non fiction alike) and it goes slow in the beginning and then once you reach page 20 or so it starts to be an avalanche of words and pictures in your mind? well that is exactly how I feel whenever I reach that page.  I have noticed that for each book the writers do not care about the beginnings so it doesn’t engross the reader right there and then; and once the writers are in the midst of the story they collect all their strength and courage and talk as though they have embodied the characters of the story or the one character of the story.


What does this to to us? well a lot, as there are stages in book reading, first we feel why did we buy the book, second we get engrossed with the story, then we become part of the characters, and then and just before the book finishes we dream about the characters and maybe we try to act like them, and at the end we wish that the story never ended.


Reading has been and still is the love of my life, I encourage you all to read, but do choose the good books, and weed out those that will send poison inside your blood, don’t forget the stages of reading a book that I had mentioned earlier, a book is meant to change the way you think in a good way or in a bad way! choose wisely and don’t forget, continue reading.