I am an educator, and always tell the students that there are hundreds of careers that we need to think about before deciding on the major that we need to study.  And since its Ramadan (our fasting month) and we read Quran in this month more than other months, then I am going to prove that God was telling us that there are careers out there more than medicine and engineering.


If you think about it, you may not fail to notice that every prophet had an ordinary career, they were carpenters, shepherds, boat builders, tailors, blacksmith, goldsmith, farmers, one medicine man, an imprisoned person who later on became a king, a linguist who spoke the language of every creature on earth, a person who never read a word in his life, a sculpturor and many more. Of course I cannot possibly list down the jobs of 120000 prophets, but you can get the jest of where I am going with this.


The analogy tells us three things:

  1. that one is capable of doing anything in their lives
  2. that to be influential one doesn’t need to have a high ranking job
  3. that being positive about life is something that has nothing to do with the job one holds.

So, if a prophet who is chosen by God to lead humanity and change the world to the best can own a tailors job, or a carpenters job, you can do the same.  All professions are equally important and one should not look down upon these professions and consider them menial, they all lead to making our world a better place to be.  If you notice that many jobs have disappeared but we still need to be carpenters, car mechanics, tailors, designers, plumbers and maybe that is the reason God chose the prophets that had these jobs, to tell us something.


I recommend that you read the stories of the prophets to learn from them instead of just reading them as a way of religion. Perhaps after reading them you will realise that studying trades is way more important then studying the fields that every student in this planet goes for.