Well, there are many interpretations to the title, I will base it on situations though!

Imagine you are in love, feelings and emotions fill every space in your mind and body, you want to hug the world, and you want to tell everyone that your life is fulfilled, you had found Nirvana. You live in that omnipotent moment as love gives you that power. You see the colours differently, the lights dance in front of your eyes, the trees talk to you, the birds fly next to your window and stop to immerse themselves with the shine that is coming through, and splashes them with warmth , then you hear them sing, they sing to you and to themselves, you see them kissing each other (like the birds in snow white movie). Your feelings are so intense, your legs cannot carry you, you want to fly with those birds, sing with them. When the sun shines your feelings are heightened, when the moon comes out, accompanied with his friends the stars, you think that another day had shined upon your heart. You want to hug yourself, hug whoever in front of you and shout to the world “I am in love”!

Everyday starts with a smile and ends with sorrow, you dont want the day to end as you want that love to extend into time memorial.

The years go by, and you find the waves washes the shores, leaving behind a ton of shells of dead seashells. And that is how you find out.

The rollercoaster of life happens, you are up in a minute and down the next with a scary fall that can take your breath away; then a rise again, a turn, a pump, and suddenly you see yourself falling, infinity happens, and you find yourself thinking where did all those “life tickles” and excitements had gone?  where is the surge of emotions? where are the laughs and the happy moments? where did they disappear to? do you take a plane ticket to find them? or rather sail on a boat in search of those emotions that had parted from your life.

The afterlife of love is dark, scary, miserable, painful, dreading and sad; one cannot express it to oneself or to others, or to the person who was once the centre of the universe. one can only express it to the universe and to the creator of this universe. once you find yourself speaking to a star, you realise that love is no longer there otherwise you will be speaking to your lover.

What would you say? that the love had died and you had buried it? the ceremony is over and lets part away?

Probably you just need to close your eyes and die with it. Hold on a minute, does life ends when Love ends? or another one starts when love ends?

i feel that love is the most important feeling in life, without love we are non existant.

(I leave you with Oscar Wilde quote)

Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.