I wouldn’t call this a resolution write up. I might call it an un-resolution

The last time I wrote my resolutions was in 2020 (https://www.suadalhalwachi.com/cultural-differences/what-a-year/) . It has been two years of living without any desire or any kind of wants or needs. It’s not that I stopped loving things and don’t have any needs. I guess no one is born without needs and wants. Though for some reason I have been so busy doing rather than wanting to do. This is the main difference between resolution and living your life.

I do have unfulfilled wants. But I have fulfilled ones. I wanted to travel and that happened, all through my life traveling was a mandate that I had stuck to. I just admire walking in places that are uncharted by my brain. I see things from the beauty point of view instead of copying what others do while traveling. I love to just walk and see, smell and use all my other senses. Maybe looking at a passerby and thinking of him or her as a person that I knew and how is he or she are doing now. Sometimes I would greet them too in the language of that country. Anything can happen when you start speaking to a total stranger!! Friendships can be formed and ideas will float around.

The past two years saw me spending time in those countries instead of the fleeting moments that I used to spend before. There is nothing like spending time walking or admiring an old building or an outdated shop, or just roam in the various galleries and museums. Sometimes it does work if one doesn’t have a plan.

I had traveled at least six times in each of the past two years. Was that enough to satisfy my senses? I guess not.

On another note, I started writing my memoirs but stopped at the age of 25 (I had divided it by decades to make it easy for me to remember the events) and didn’t complete the rest as I am not very happy with it yet. Not sure if I would ever complete it, I also have three other books that I had started and not finished yet, but I still have time. However my Career book was published and that gives me joy as the future generations won’t be doing the mistakes I did, they will find their path sooner than later!

Maybe it’s better to start the year with no plans and take life as it approaches us, not every plan would work anyway.

I do feel however, that having a plan is good in someways as it makes us feel fulfilled, or it makes the road ahead clearer, or it gives us te direction, and maybe not having them can be a sign that we are in the face of the wind.

A friend reminded me that taking care of my grandson was my biggest achievement in 2022 and maybe I might just add one plan in my resolution for next year and that is to take good care of my grandchildren.

For 2023 (Happy New year everybody), I would still want to finish three or four books a month, I would still want to write daily if possible (Imagine if I did write a 500 words every day what would/could happen? I will have 182,500 words and that is a book by itself).

Maybe I should reduce my social commitments to a minimum, and focus on family and my mum!

Perhaps I should cut down on my travel and just go to a new country once or twice a year.

Maybe I should join a women society and share knowledge with them (This year I attended two gatherings with women societies and that was great fun, we can help each other by joining the society), I met friends that were with me while studying abroad and friends from my first job as well as many people that I got introduced to and enjoyed their company.

My retirement (semi retirement really) had given me plenty of time to reflect, I am now a believer of holidays as they are God given gift so we can unwind and reflect.  Even though I spend my time doing more than what I can, still not having the work commitment makes me do more meditation, more exercise, more fruitful gatherings and more writing.

Let’s see what we have in store for us next year, I do wish you all a very happy 2023, and may 2022 end in peace for the whole world.