I am not speaking about mathematics/economics and its equilibrium law, I am talking about my feelings. Ok let me start from the beginning; last year was a horrendous year. My husband had a very bad car accident, left him in deep pain, and because he is my darling, I had felt the pain all over me; soon after his accident my best friend (who was suffering from Cancer for 10 months) also died! I was devastated, and every morning I feel the aches in my body and my brain, thinking of what had happened and wishing that all would have be great.


This morning when I woke up, I had a song in my ears, didn’t feel my heavy weight on my bed, all I was feeling was a being, or my soul !!! at first I thought I was dead, as there was no pain, my breath was soft, my body weight was zero, I was equal to the air around me, I was weighing 0.438 pounds which is equivalent to 5.4 feet of air*; That is the equilibrium I was feeling.  Nothing mattered at that time, everything is equal, there is no happiness, no pain, no bad thoughts, no good thoughts, no pending jobs, no problems or an exact amount of problems and opportunities, no worries, or an exact amount of worries and happiness.


Do you know that moment when you say that everything is perfect in your life? that is the moment that I had this morning.  Total equilibrium, like a ball hanging in the air:


By the way the economists love this point too, as its the point when supply, demand, prices, quantity manufactured, and all other economic variables are equal.  No one is ruling, no competition, no wars, no one is sandwiched in between forces that are fighting to prove their point of view.


I wish you all a total equilibrium life.



*If you are wondering how I arrived to this calculation: my hight is 5.4 ft, the weight of one cubic foot of air is 0.0807 pounds*5.4 ft= 0.436 pounds.  that was my weight at the point of equilibrium.