How many times in life had one encountered situations that could cause stress or pain or utter discomfort? sometimes you meet someone, he or she says something totally simple but you take it to heart, suddenly a body rash or itchiness around your feet or neck occurs, you visit the doctor who recommends Telfast and creams to subsides it. How many times you merely speak to someone and happen to mention a nice occasion that you had had, suddenly you have a stomach ache or you fall and break a bone or something?  let me take these analogies a bit further, you fall from the stairs because you arrive to your destination, and no one is there and the door is locked. And while going down again you trip and hurt yourself.


Most of these situations didn’t happen haphazardly, they happened because your brain reacts in a strange and mysterious ways so as to raise pity in other people’s mind (mainly those that you love and had failed you) as you will see the rush of chocolates and flowers and the visits and what have you, slowly you will recover ( you would  recover without the flowers and the chocolate too, your body would have realised that there are people still out there who love you and will treat itself)


I am going to speak about a new concept (not that new but new to me) called Meta health introduced to me by a friend:

META-Health is a revolutionary and transformational approach based upon a natural scientific understanding of how our sense perception, thoughts (unconscious), emotions (feelings) our physiology (organ-brain) and behaviour are fully integrated with and actively creating our health, personal development and well-being or dis-ease and degeneration.

META-Health also importantly helps us to remove the fear of our body’s (organismic) responses and can explain and demonstrate how and why many of the symptoms labelled clinically today as dis-eases are actually a part of a complex and regenerative (restorative) evolutionary process.

As you can see from the definitions  (there is more on the website)  your health is like a leaf fallen from a tree and played with by the wind.  Anything can affect it, it’s not intentional that you fall and break a leg or a hand, its your mind that makes us jump that step and hide it from our eyes so we trip.

Let me tell you what happened to me when I had to visit a place that deep inside (I just realised the reason of course when I heard about this concept) i didn’t like, i would wake up at night with itchiness on both my hands and feet, no matter how many creams I would apply or buy, it persists, it hurt and at the end I would go to the beach and soak both in the water, do that for few days and I will be fine.

oOher things that happened to me (according to Met health these are about stress) the falling of my hair, the stomach aches, that back aches, the fingers ache, the fall that broke my tail bone and so on. what do we do?

Few suggestions given by my practitioner:

Take the energy and swerve it. Ignore.

Remember that We cannot control people but we can control our reactions to them

Everyone has their baggage. And they display it by attacking others

Shame is not an issue but our reaction to shame is the issue

Everyone has a say on what you need, but only you know what you need

Just remember one very important thing: you are precious, you are distend to do great things, you will change the world, and at the end you will come out of each situation loving your self more.


Remember one thing out of this post, you cannot let others control your life.

And remember the saying “everything happens for a reason”

Enjoy your life and let bygones be bygones,