History tells us that there are only few people who are still living, I am not going to dwell on that, if you do your google search you will be able to find them, and they are mentioned in the Bible, Quran and the old testoment.  My subject today is who else can live for ever? Writers (Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters, John Grisham,…), poets (Omar Khayam, Saadi, Hafez, Yates, …), artists (Michelangelo, Picaso and many more),  inventors (electricity, light bulb, the radio, the television the escalator, plus plus), people that did noble things, people that discovered mathematical formula, people that went to the moon (who can forget Armstrong!!) people that landed on Mars,  people that discovered the rockets, people with major science discoveries that affected people’s lives and will affect it till time memorial.  If you look at the list, its extensive, you can do your own search to find more that helped humanity and elevated our lives and helped us think in different modes.

Every discovery brings ripple effect of a series of other discoveries.  who said that the typewriter is dead? I am typing on a MacBook that uses a keyboard based on “qwerty” the one difference is the gigantic memory that saves every word even if my laptop crashes and the negligible use of paper. Who said that the first method of transporting passengers is dead, well! Ibn Fernas method is still used in Airplanes, and we still see wings! so the original discoverer is still remembered.


That is one part of how to live forever, do something that changes people’s life, the second part is for you to love something and people remember you by it, love of Art, love of music, love of plants, love old scripts and of course I am only listing here what I personally love, and can be said when I die that I am an art lover, what will people say about you?


Of course I don’t want to list here everything that may lend itself to the art of remembrance, as the list is exhaustive, what I need you to think about is: don’t be remembered by bad things, be remembered for the great attributes that can help the world be a better place. Plant trees, donate your organs, help the poor,  do volunteering work, stay close to you family and friends, mentor a child, maybe even give out your read books, as others my benefit of them.  These series of acts are a way to build your portfolio of living forever, you can add more to the list.


These days we tend to forget that time is a limited product, we waste it on being sad, on pondering why good things never happen to us, on being with bad company, on grief, on building a time bomb inside our brain that will explode because of our negativity, and on other things that can dilute our creativity and humanity.  What we need is to think about what we want from this life? why are we here? we must have been brought to this earth due to possessing something that no one else has. I truly believe that each one of us is a unique human being,  just look at your finger prints and at your DNA, the uniqueness starts with these two and continues in all your mind, brain, hands and legs, speech, and so on.  Apparently there are no two human beings who own the same voice. Every one of us can give to the world, and every one of us can be remembered and cherished.  Use your time effectively and make sure that with every step you make, a mark will be left behind.  Let the mark be a light that shines on others instead of a black mark.


Basically what I am trying to say here is simple, we must provide our children food for thought from little hood so they work on themselves and to be remembered forever.


Be remembered