I was at the airport, and all the news about Corona was a bit new to us, I see people (mostly Chinese) wearing masks? I am wondering why? did it arrive to us? are we all going to be infected by it?

Anyway, I travelled since that trip maybe four times, the last one was to Dubai, and I saw a lot of masks then, but noting in UAE or in Bahrain, just the airport. Suddenly we had to work from home and our lives had changed for ever.

Of course this was not the first flu that happens on earth, we had a disastrous one that started in December 1956 and ended at the end of 1957 (http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1957.html) it claimed 150000 lives then, and so far we have more 0ver 257290 death tolls due to the current flu (https://sehhty.com/) ( this site provides you with minute by minute information on the pandemic).

I must say here that we human beings will never change and will never learn from the past. If we continue to be this ignorant the next flu is going to kill us all and that would be great as it will teach us to learn from past problems.

Here are some of my ideas, and what need to be done. First, the Entertainment industry have to be very clever, as most of us are bored at home, imagine living in a 100 meter space with 5 other people, you need to be entertained. By entertainment, I dont mean just the movie industry or television industry? I mean the books, the art, the cameras, the audiovisuals, the pens and pencils, the paper industry, the canvas industry, the 3D, 4D, 5D and maybe 10D industry. All of these guys should be prepared for another pandemic and try to make us happy without feeling the seclusion.

The Cinema industry shouldn’t be lost either ( I know that Netflix and many others are trying to takeover this side of things, However the actors are too slow for my liking) I do feel that we need the cinema effect; so the movie industry should sell us tickets to watch the new movies that hadn’t been shown yet, and from the comfort of our homes. Why not? we will make popcorn and nachos, furthermore I don’t mind paying for a movie if it’s a good movie. I know that the experience may not be the same, but it will keep the actors afloat and save us “I mean those who love the movies!”

Maybe the phone industry can also bring my mum for me to see her and talk to her through the phone? well that was done in Startrek and Superman, why not in real time? the cooking industry have to change too, they need to have kits of what people actually need to start cooking; I met you there are people who starved as they dont know how to cook. what about cloths? dont we all need to know how to sew a button? I dont know but we used to learn these soft skills when we went to schools in the fifties and sixties, why dont we teach it anymore? planting vegetables? or herbs? that is something that everyone should learn.

First thing we have to learn is how are we supposed to live? how are we supposed to generate money while sitting at home? how can we protect ourselves? what should the governments do? what should the doctors learn? where should we pump our money into? should we focus on infection control? how should education be run? should we even go to a school? or maybe just teach all mums and dads to be teachers. what system should we choose? should we split the days of the week into half learning from home electronically and half in schools and universities? should all restaurants close down? do we really need cars? do we need brands? what kind of shoes do we need to wear?

I feel that this flu should change us. governments need to invest in research instead of guns, banks should focus on working remotely (we can see that its working very well now, and we dont need to have cash, as all the banking that we need to do can be done electronically). we need to think of different ways of working. we need to have better homes for our children and ourselves, so we are not bored if we have to be isolated. We need to have schools that are mobile, books that are online, laboratories that can be worked on online, engineers need to know how to do things that doesn’t need a lot of manpower.

Most importantly, employees need to understand that this is not a holiday, and we all have to be responsible enough to be trusted that we are doing our work. working from home can be tiring, boring, devastating, tempting to do other stuff, to procrastinate, to play around, and you can add here anything that you want, but we still have to do the work. I noticed for example that the counsellors in all the schools that we work with in UAE are not responding to our emails? did they think that they are on holiday? what is going to happen to the students? as even if they dont travel abroad, they still have to study online? and its our responsibility to let them know that there are solutions, and they must take advantage of their time to find themselves a good university that offers online studies.

I must talk about the governments and their responsibility towards us the people; they must think with us and not on their own, every person in this community can have an opinion, so if they ask we will tell our views, as its crucial that we all help each other. It’s not going to help anyone that we stay isolated without figuring out a solution. we are a world team now, and if one of us has an idea he or she must come forward and talk about it. Saving the humanity is our responsibility, and by “our” I mean us in this world that is falling because of a small virus called COVID19.

Governments have to focus on Entrepreneurship, it must be positive, it must change the way everyone works, it must focus on what gives us remuneration in times of despair.