What if tomorrow, when you wake up in the morning, you hear the news that the blacks had confiscated the colour black and the whites had done the same? does it mean we cannot wear black in a funeral or white in a wedding? but then again, we cannot wear any color of the rainbow, as now the LGBTQ are using the rainbow colours as their flag, which means we cannot sing to the rainbow, we cannot wait for the rain to see it and we cannot even teach it in science class.

Say for example that a country chooses a colour for its flag, then suddenly we are disallowed from using that colour.  Or say, as another example, that we cannot look at the sky? or watch the moon and the stars because someone claimed them. Say that you cannot go on the summit, because Edmond Hillary and many before him and after him had reached it; say that when Armstrong landed on the moon, he declared it as his, and no one was allowed to look at it or go to it? what would we, the people who follow the lunar calendar do? are we supposed to change our beliefs? it’s lucky that no one can visit the sun and claim it, they will burn before reaching it, hence the year of January to December will remain intact!! luck us.


Ok why am I saying all this?  today we had a discussion with a reading group about the rainbow colours, and how some parents are not letting their children learn these colours, play toys that has these colours just because the LGBTQs had used them as their flag, also the unicorn (even though it doesn’t exist) is also used as a pride symbol. Now I don’t have an issue with either the LGBTQs or the use of the colours and the unicorn, but do they own it? if tomorrow one of the groups that are extreme use water as their symbol, are we going to ban water from our homes? what if someone used clouds as their symbol, are we going to ban the clouds from our skies? that is going too far I guess. but how can we stop or have the ability to change human behaviour and thoughts?


Personally speaking, leave people choose what they like to choose, and stop being paranoid, natural occurrences belong to us, the people of the world, and if someone or some groups had the wisdom to attribute themselves to that natural occurrence, then let them be;

Science cannot stop, we need to advance ourselves in the world without having preconceived prejudices.