When we hear the greeting message that we use all the time, we never actually think about it, what does it mean to have peace upon us? does it get poured on us like water to cool us down? or when we go for energy healing and they tell us that energy goes through our heads and through the chakras to the grounds and heals us?  I am actually feeling that its within us! its how we determine to live our life and how we make ourselves feel; Peace is one side of the coin with happiness being on the other side.

Peace, is a word that has been thrashed, tormented, abused and almost killed by those that pretend to understand what it means.  Many think that peace is the opposite of war, when it has nothing to do with war.  To me peace is when I am having coffee with my Emirati, Nigerian, Iranian, Iraqi, Indian, British, American, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistani and Syrian friends and discussing fashion, child rearing, cookery and jewelry, or discussing what are the best schools for our kids, or where to send them to study abroad and so on.  When we become friend with members of another nationality, and are able to ignore our cultural differences whether its religion, color, race and so on, then we have truly mastered the art of peace. But if there is a nagging sensation inside our guts that says that we mustn’t like this person because of his or her orientation, then we are very far from achieving peace.

Peace is also within ourselves, we must provide our bodies and our brains with the positive energy that it needs for survival in a tormented world. We can only achieve this inner peace when we make peace with ourselves first and then the world.


Have a peaceful day