Last night the kids and I went out for a meal, while at the parking, a guy who looks very decent, and seems to be going to the Gym often as his muscles are evident, asked me if I need my car to be washed.  I told him that its clean as its washed three times a week.  He said that he can wash the wheels to make them sparkle.  I agreed and went to have the meal.  when I came out I gave him his money, tipped him and drove away.  In the middle of the night I woke up with such a start, thinking why on earth does he wash cars? not that I have anything against people who wash cars, its a job like any other jobs, but this person doesn’t fit the profile of a laborer! nor does he look poor! so something must have happened to him to make him clean cars.  Hats off to him of course for doing this job and not doing anything else like begging or depending on people to provide him with handouts. Yet, my mind was pouring out with the various possibilities.


This person can be the next Einstein, or the next Paulo Coelho, or Picaso, or Thomas Edison, and so on.  Did he not get the opportunity to study? or did he study but didn’t get the opportunity to complete his studies, or he must have completed but didn’t have the opportunity to find a job? or maybe he did find a job, but was not the correct job for him? or he was fired from his job for any reason that is never going to be known to us.  The possibilities of why he is washing cars can be so vast that we cannot list them all here.


Should I continue to wonder why he is washing cars? or shall I just let it be and must not dig deep so as to disturb the status qu?


I am not blaming anyone here, I am simply stating some facts:

Where are his parents? did he go to school? if yes what happened in school? did he hate his studies because he was not fitting the criteria for the schools these days (STEM or trades); maybe he did finish school but couldn’t complete his university for any reason.  Maybe this is an extra job for him to earn more money.  Or maybe he is just trying out a new way of earning money and might expand it by establishing a car wash business.


The possibilities are immense, all we need is to think about them.  However the situation to me was not happy at all.  Saying this to myself, I went back to sleep.


Happy reading.