I would love to read my story from my creator’s perspective. You know how we are 7.2 billion people on earth (now)? and you know how many generations had happened and lived on earth since the big bang? And each one who came to earth had come with a certain purpose, not just haphazardly (at least in my belief). Some will become scientists, some will be poets, writers, musicians, philosophers, doctors, dentists, carpenters, sheep herders, gardeners, builders, mechanics and basically I could set here and regurgitate all the jobs that there are in this world or what the world needs to be stable and happy (I remember reading a Korean story and that they didn’t have toilets, and happy they became when eventually they had a proper toilets in their houses, so there is a toilet builders story here).

Imagine going back to your creator and finding this gigantic library that contains your own story as well as all the books of the others. You go to the section of artists, and read Micheal Angelo’s story as it should be and all the paths that were meant for him to pick one or two from, and what would have happened if he had picked up a different path? Say the path of a writer? Imagine what kind of writer would he be?

What I am trying to say here is that we were created with hundreds of thousands of possibilities, each one of them would lead us to a different path and the path make us live differently to the one we are in now.  Imagine that we were given another chance at life, and we return to our childhood again with the knowledge that what we did in all our life was not what we were supposed to have done, but a different path was laid down for us. Imagine that you came back after death and did exactly that path? How happy )or unhappy) would you be?

What I meant when I said choices is that in your minds a trillion probabilities are churned out and because we are so hasty (actually our way of life makes us hasty) we take a bad turn or a good turn, and each of the choices we take will give us a different way of life. Say for example I hadn’t gone to New Zealand, what would have happened? Say I never left my first employer? Would my life be as it is now?  Say I never bought that little car that I had bought as a first car? Would I have had the severe car accident (I still have my neck pain because of it). Say that I did become a doctor (if circumstanced didn’t interfere) would I be a great doctor? Would I have changed people’s lives? Would I be responsible in creating a vaccine for Covide19? What if I became a poet and I doctor? What I became an international award recipient for something or the other? Would I have the same feelings and happiness that I have now?

I truly believe that we had a lot to give back to this earth. Just remember one thing, whatever you think you can do please do it, as that could be the path meant to be for you. Do not procrastinate, and make sure you do it well. One never knows the implications that would happen due to our actions. 

Here is a rule of physics for you: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Which means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.

Taking the above Newton’s law of motion into account, you will need to consider every action before doing it, as there will for sure be an interaction in the opposite direction. Which can take you a trillion years away from reaching your goal.

Another thing you will see in that gigantic library are the books of your mum and dad, your own siblings, your own children and their own families, your spouses and their families etc, imagine reading these books and seeing your own interventions in their lives or their interventions in your life. There will be a hundred million possibility that your life could have been greater or worse than the one you had lived or is living.

Lets take one example.  There are two men, you chose one over the other, you met different people to the ones you would have met if you had married the other one, you would have had different children, and may have lived in a different country and met different set of friends? However, one must believe that whilst we are on earth still, we would be meeting everyone that we were supposed to meet no matter what circumstances we had gone into due to our actions. But for some the time would be so fast, and for some time will be going so slowly, and that is another physics rule for you, relativity (Einstein’s)

I love you Newton and Einstein, reading some physics does give you a different perspective of life.

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