This article was written in 2017 and never published, with the pandemic going on, I am opening all my files, so here is one for you:


I saw a movie sometime ago that sparked some feelings in me.  Whoever watched this movie and ended it at that is mistaken. The movie is a depiction of our lives on earth. It’s what is happening to us over and over again. It’s about the segregations, the tribal thoughts, the hate, the suffering, the brainwashing and many of the human behaviors that we witness in our journeys around the world. Unless you are white, wear normal clothing and have a pierced nose or tongue, people will look at you in admiration; otherwise you are a washed in the tyrant of behavior that will be bestowed on you just because you are colored, wearing a scarf, growing a beard and many of the bad treatment that we receive every day of our lives if we are in a foreign land.

For example I was leaving to the airport in Spain, there were four other girls that were also Leaving to the airport. First, of course, they will not respond to my greetings as we had the early breakfast the hotel had laid for us, then I asked if anyone wants to share a cab with me as I am going to the airport, they all turned their faces. I felt peeved of. Then at the airport the security wanted me to take my jacket and scarf off. I said no as I am normally covered. They made me wait and went and brought a police who had to witness the scene of checking me in a methodical way and then check my bags with something that checks for explosives. Well I know that in the past few years terrorist attacks were many and I am sorry that it happened, I sympathize with the victims and apologies for those stupid people’s unwarranted behaviors but that doesn’t explain the scared look in those four girls eyes and the airport incident.

I think whoever behind spreading the devide between human beings should face a life time of misery as whatever happened to me at that airport or in the hotel will never make me hate the world and its inhabitants instead it will make me travel more and spread the word that we are all here to live in peace.

At that time I had spent few weeks in attending three education conferences and one thing that I think should be taught is tolerance. If this is not taught then we may as well become barbarians and rage wars against each other! who wants this to happen.


I feel Life is a great gift, and sad that some people live it in utter barbarianism.