What happens when there is a power struggle and a lot of innocent lives fall in between the cracks?

I am imagining a scenario where two powerful friends suddenly unfriend themselves and in fact they become enemies.  One of them is a leader and the other one is a regular person but with a lot of power. The second one went heavily into the education field and established many schools around the world and had other friends that owned functioning universities that had large numbers of students and a large number of staff and academicians as well. The students, staff and academics were all oblivious to the fact the the owners of these universities are friends of the friend (who is the close friend of th leader).


So when the two powerful friends had suddenly unfriended themselves, every one became somehow involved. People who had jobs lost them in a sudden and not only that,  they also lost the ability to find another job ever. These people are labelled as terrorists! They have lives, families and children, rent to pay and other things. Also when you make an academic stay home you are in fact telling him or her to be idle, to stop their research, to find something or a hundred other things to do except the ability to work. Basically, you are telling the academics to weather and die!

I can place this incident in the arena of “Scholars at Risk”, and they have to be involved, I am just a normal person that lives in a place where injustice is committed on a minute by minute basis. However, how can I close my eyes and say nothing? I cannot see injustice committed towards academic people and just turn my back to it? now can I?


One day a student was criticising a teacher to me, I said to him if he had spoken to the teacher about it? I said to him “listen, this teacher had tried, to the best of her abilities,  to provide you with great information, and if you felt that she is not doing that just try to fill the gap or help her in her work. We must teach our kids that teaching is a sacred job.


So when powerful people play with the lives of the teachers we must all stand on the teachers’ side and help them. Keeping quiet in this instance should not be tolerated by society.


I have a brother who is a teacher and he is in jail since more that two years. Everyday I can feel his mind twitching. I know for a fact that he needs to read, he needs to teach! and to make things worse, we cannot do anything about it.


According to me, teachers should be given diplomatic passports, so powerful people and governments around the world will not be able to touch them.

(This is a real incident but i am leaving it to you to understand where it happened)